Friday, April 22, 2016

TOMORROW! Free Teleclass for Screenplay Writers: April 23

ScreenwritingU is presenting a two-hour teleclass "Selling to Hollywood...for Real" at 12:00 p.m. PT on Saturday, April 23rd.  You'll need to make a reservation online to receive call-in information (see link below).  The call will cost you a couple of dollars in long-distance fees depending on your provider.

The class will cover the following topics:
  • 5 keys to getting your script sold
  • How to light up Hollywood--from anywhere
  • Your most important screenplay marketing decision
  • How to get your network to sell you
  • What to do if producers aren't biting
  • Your direct paths to studios 
You've seen these free tele-classes listed on this blog before but I have participated in a few myself now and have found them to be very well-prepared and informative.  I always walk away with valuable information and feeling inspired to take action.  Because they are so popular, the classes are now announced only a day in advance which is why this notice has not appeared sooner.  

What distinguishes these classes is that the presenter continually interviews authorities in the movie business--from agents and managers to producers and professional writers--and compiles the information to present a real-life picture of the TV and film industry today.  Each class includes a short pitch for a paid course but the free class is worth it, and if the topic is very relevant to where you are with your career or a particular project, you may want to consider paying for a more in-depth course because their alumni have generated productive results for their careers out of the work done for those courses.

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