Friday, April 11, 2014

Free Teleclass for Writers: April 12

ScreenwritingU will hold a free 2-hour teleclass on April 12, 2014 on screenwriting rewrite strategies entitled "21 Steps to a Professional Rewrite" which will cover the following topics:

  • The #1 Key to Rewriting Success (change this one thing and rewriting gets so much easier)
  •  The most important question you must ask to turn dull scenes into dramatic and valuable scenes 
  • The key ingredient that will turn a simple conflict into an unforgettable one
  • Three ways to turn ordinary characters into extremely compelling story people
  •  The #1 Reason writers won't cut bad scenes
  • And 16 other Advanced Strategies for rewriting 

The class is free and open to the first 100 callers.  You will be responsible for long-distance phone call fees which are estimated at around $5-8 depending on your phone plan.  Click the link below for more information or to register for the class:

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